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Different people in the football fandom

  • The Calendar watchers : it's 53 days till World Cup
  • Normal people : OMG I can't wait for the beautiful game to start the best sport in the world
  • People who live life on a scale 1000(hyper): OMG DEAD! It's here. I CANT EVEN! 2014 who gave you the right to arrive? Someone hold me. This is too much.
  • People that can't watch live in rio:
  • wish I could be in rio right now, I would do anything to go and experience the atmosphere but I can't be there right now but it won't stop me. I will be supporting the boys from my tv and screaming
  • People whose national team dint qualify or it's almost certain they won't go far, or the once that disowned theirs and are supporting a foreign country they don't understand their language:
  • football is not about where you come from, it's about appreciating the beauty of sport. Btw all my favourite players are in this nt and most of the guys in my club are in this nt so yeah! Where is your loyalty?
  • People who spot new bromances: OMG my sailor hat is on I am ready to ship everything that looks remotely ship able.
  • You always spot them in the goal celebrations so keep your eyes open.
  • People who take the World Cup song more seriously than everyone else, they remember all the previous:
  • The song this year better measure up to standard! Because the song needs to make you nostalgic in a few years after the World Cup when you just randomly hear the song. Like waka waka in 2010 gives me chills everytime.
  • People who are fascinated by the design on the ball: The ball this yeah is so cool bla bla bla *its just a ball, bye*
  • People who have a thing for Worldcup advertisements: OMG have you seen it? The official World Cup commercial? It's amazing almost all my favourites where featured! I can't handle this amazingness
  • People who transfer window has distorted their otp but World Cup would do wonders: OMG OMG OMG...*insert ship name* is real. they will be reunited at the NT... My feels I can't. Together at last. I can't deal, my heart.
  • People who Worldcup would make their otp rivals: you know it would be difficult to be apart but I know their relationship can withstand the test of time. They would miss each other but they would rise above conflict. At least they would hug after the matches
  • Fanfiction writers: OMG the plot bunnies are in full swing... Inspiration for new fics
  • I am already having ideas.
  • Gif makers and photo editors: OMG I need to update my photoshop, get a better software and search for websites to get my footage before anyone else.
  • Football bromance lovers: I can't wait to see all these guys in harmony finally reunited with friends and playing together.
  • So: Where do you fall in? An average football fan posses at least 3 qualities.



imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon

I would be a man with the name Mrs Torres? Omg, who’s than the Mr? :D

hhahahahha XD

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